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Heliade.jpg The Official Journal of Romania has reached 175 years of existence. The first issue appeared, based on the organic Regulations, on 8/20 December, 1832, and was edited by I.H. Rădulescu; it was called by then Administrative Gazette Bulletin, and was a weekly publication printed in Cyrillic letters, and a 19 x 24 cm format.

As a witness of the Romanian state’s evolution, the official journal is a genuine summary of the most important historical, political, and cultural events having lead to the coming into being and development of the modern Romania.

Important moments in the evolution of the institution and the official journal of the state:

• on the 16th of November, 1832, the Extraordinary Administrative Council of Walachia drew up a journal that mentioned: the necessity of drawing up a bulletin on the State’s account, which would publish on one printed sheet, twice a week, all the ruling arrangements of this Principality, such as decisions, appointments to positions, judgments, and orders coming from every high office branch aiming to be brought to the knowledge of the people, as well as the rules to be enacted, so that they should be followed by everyone […]

• between 1839 and 1859, the Bulletin goes gradually from Cyrillic to Latin letters. Also, in 1859, an office for the publication of the official journal is provided for at the Secretariate of the State

• starting with 1859, the journal includes the publication of the Legislative Assembly debates

• in 1873, the Regulations on the organization and administration of the State Printing House and of the official journal is published, stating, for the first time, the duties of the editor, and the structure of the Gazette in 4 parts, which is close to the present one

• the 1875 year brings the transition to the actual format (24 x 32 cm)

• in 1884, the Letea factory becomes the paper supplier of the Official Gazette, and so it remains until today

• in 1887, the Gazette moves to its own building in 29 Elisabeta Avenue

• in 1927, the Law on the organization of the General Directorate of the Official Gazette and of the State Printing House is issued, laying down that the activity of these institutions is not administrative, but particularly industrial and commercial

• in 1930, the institution becomes a commercial public régie (Monitorul Oficial Régie), and operates on the basis of the law and regulations of 1929, which assimilate the principles of the marketing law of the same year

• until the World War II, the Gazette enjoyed a real support from the state, with famous figures influencing its history: Iuliu Maniu, C. Argetoianu, C. Hamangiu

• after 1945, the Official Gazette – renamed Official Bulletin – went through heavy times. It was deprived of the building where it was operating, and a good deal of the personnel and equipment were redistributed to other institutions. Nevertheless, it issued the state publication constantly, being modestly straightened since the `80s.

• after 1989, a few significant events mark the evolution of the Official Gazette as official publication of the state

- the adoption, on the 17th of November, 1990, of Law no. 31/1990 on Trading Companies, which lead to the setting up of Part IV of the Official Gazette – Publications of business enterprises;
- following the referendum of December the 8th, 1991, the new Constitution of Romania is adopted, setting up the compulsoriness of the publication of laws, documents of the President, Government, and of Decisions of the Constitutional Court in the Official Gazette;
- in October 1996, Law no.130/1996 on the collective labour contract was adopted, marking the setting up of Part V of the Official Gazette, which issues the collective labour contracts;
- the entry into force, in May 2001, of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 60/2001 on public procurement determined the setting up of Part VI of the Official Gazette. At present, G.E.O. no. 60/2001 is repealed, and Part VI of the Official Gazette is regulated by G.E.O. no. 34/2006 on the assignment of public procurement contracts and public works and services concessions, and by G.E.O. no. 54/2006 on public assets concessions.
- in January 2005, Law no. 1/2005 on cooperative societies is adopted, and it represents the statutory instrument setting up Part VII of the Official Gazette.

• Monitorul Oficial R.A. (the Autonomous Régie Monitorul Oficial) was set up on the 1st of July, 1991, by Government Decision no. 358/1991, under the authority of the Chamber of Deputies, as legal entity carrying out its activity in the public national interest, by joining the Editorial Department within the Chamber of Deputies with the Official Gazette printing workshop, and the Public Relations Office of the Official Bulletin within the Coresi Printing House.

• the object of activity of Monitorul Oficial R.A. is defined by Government Decision no. 358/1991, and mainly consists of:

a) publishing the Official Gazette of Romania, Parts I-VII;
b) drawing up and publishing, under the coordination of the Legislative Council, the legislative collections and statutory instruments collections, grouped by fields of activity, both in Romanian and in foreign languages;
c) storing and processing the legislative information, printing the materials meant for the parliamentary activity;
d) printing books and journals, executing polygraphic works; trading operations relating to the company’s object of activity, including distributing the publications issued;
e) services relating to the performance of the company’s object of activity.

• starting with 1995, the Autonomous Régie Monitorul Oficial, as institution, achieved a wide investment program, succeeding to create, in a relatively short period of time, a modern superstructure, to implement a state-of-art technology, being supported by motivated and competent employees.

• today, the company is a prosperous one, disposing of an elegant administrative seat, endowed with a printing house, three editorial offices, a publishing house, and a sales and information centre housed, since September 2000, in a modern establishment in Bucharest, 1 Panduri Street, district 5.


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