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(Legea nr. 202 /1998)

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Being established in 1991, Monitorul Oficial R.A. was entitled to carry on the task of publishing the official journal of Romania, which had initially been released in 1832. Since its first number, this paper began to produce a concise chronicle of the main historical, political and cultural events, which contributed to the progress and foundation of the modern Romanian state.
Such a status triggered an impressive development, if we take into account that, 100 years after its setting, in 1932, Monitorul Oficial held among its possessions the most
up-to-date and best organised printing house in Romania, a regional centre in Kishinev, as well as a central headquarters in the building of the Public Record Office.
At present, the publishing of the Official Gazette of Romania is organised in
7 parts, namely:
  • Part I (Part I A and Part I in Hungarian included): the laws and other official documents adopted by the Parliament, the President’s decrees, decisions and Government ordinances, the documents of the Constitutional Court, etc.;
  • Part II: statements of the sittings of the Chamber of Deputies, of the Senate, as well as of the joint sessions; the reports submitted by public authorities to the Parliament;
  • Part III: publications and notices;
  • Part IV: publications of the business agents;
  • Part V: collective labour agreements at both national and branch level;
  • Part VI: documents regarding public acquisitions;
  • Part VII: documents of cooperative societies.
With a view to support the customers’ needs, the Legislative Publishing Department pertaining to Monitorul Oficial R.A. publishes legislative documents in different formats to respond to a wider range of demands (collections of laws, Government decisions, specialised collections, legislative guides, codes, a legislative virtual library – LEX-Monitor, in Romanian and in foreign languages as well). Besides the legal field, the department takes pride in publishing books signed by several writers, albums of art, and a series of books regarding the European Union.
The high quality of printing ensures the production of various publications, for both our company and third publishing houses, such as books, both hardcover and softcover, picture books and albums, magazines (glossy and commercial, bound or stitched), catalogues and brochures, promotional materials, etc.
Our products are also exported to Europe and North America.
The company’s quality of services is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which recommends it as a market leader.


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